Buxton Fire Brigade

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Junior Fire Brigade

Buxton Fire Brigade auspices the Triangle Junior Fire Brigade. Young people who reside in the Triangle area, aged over 11 years of age, can become members of the Juniors. The program is run in a Child-Safe environment as part of CFA’s Junior Volunteer Development Program.

The Junior Volunteer Development Program runs in over 160 brigades across Victoria and aims to introduce young people, from 11 years of age up to their 16th birthday, to CFA by providing them with the opportunity to become good fire safe citizens while engaging them in activities that:

Junior members DO NOT respond to emergencies, however, activities are conducted at one of the fire station around the Triangle (Buxton, Taggerty, Narbethong or Marysville) and involve team building activities, excursions, and other activities suggested by the Junior members themselves.

The programs work to build the skills of junior members in 5 key areas:

The program is delivered by a team of Junior Leaders from the brigades around the Triangle; members of the brigades who are 18 years plus, who have taken on the responsibility for leading the Juniors and are registered with CFA as endorsed to participate in the management of the program.

All of the Junior Leaders hold a valid Working with Children Check and all Junior Brigade activities have a minimum of two registered Junior Leaders facilitating activities.