Buxton Fire Brigade

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Community Safety

The provision of timely advice to the Community in the event of an emergency is a core function of the brigade and the concept of Prevention and Suppression of Fires is what drives the Community Safety portfolio.

Under CFA policy, brigades are required to appoint a Brigade Community Safety Co-ordinator whose primary purpose is to manage and co-ordinate brigade activities in the area of fire prevention and community preparedness. At Buxton, this role falls to one of the Lieutenants who takes on the full gambit of community liaison, community education, fire prevention and vegetation management.

It is one of the busier portfolios and a wide-ranging role. Working closely with the Community Safety team at CFA District 12, the role involves:

The brigade strives to achieve these obligations through a range of activities such as operating an Open-Door policy (whenever the station is attended by members the main engine-bay door is required to be open in order to encourage people to stop and ask questions of the brigade), holding Open Days when appropriate, and maintaining active connections with the local business community, school and the Buxton Progress Association.

Each year the brigade conducts a Santa Run around the township which is an opportunity to connect with residents and distribute fire safety information at the same time.

The brigade also has a very popular Facebook page.

In addition, the brigade has developed a Community Engagement Plan for the brigade’s local risks. This document provides a blueprint for how the brigade hopes to promote Community Safety activities over time.

A key activity for our brigade is to encourage people to complete both a Bushfire Survival Plan and a Home Fire Escape Plan. Every home needs to have a Home Fire Escape Plan and a Bushfire Survival Plan regardless of where they are located – either in the township or a surrounding property.

In addition, a number of our members are endorsed to undertake Property Advice Visits – click here to find out more about PAV Service.

Fire Safety education and information sessions are conducted by the brigade, in conjunction with the District 12 Community Safety Team, on an on-going basis. A range of Bushfire Safety and Home Fire Safety sessions are available. Sessions can be arranged for community groups using both face-to-face presentation or, now, using on-line virtual training initiatives.

Contact the brigade for further details.