Buxton Fire Brigade

100% Volunteer

Brigade Support Team

The Brigade Support Team are members who are not operational firefighters and who bring other skills to ensure the brigade is viable. Brigade Support’s primary purpose is to enhance and complement the effective running of the brigade.

Our involvement enables the operational members to respond to incidents which, in turn, benefits all residents of the wider Buxton community.

Some of us have never fought a fire yet, many of the team have decades of operational experience but, for one reason or another, are no longer able to do so and have stepped back from operational activities.

Some of the activities the Brigade Support Team undertake are:

Mostly we are the group that take on the tasks that assist those who get into their gear and rush out the door to attend incidents and fires within our community.

Every CFA brigade is multifaceted and we would be happy to introduce you to our team and show you through our station.

Interested? Head to Recruiting on the Contact Us page for details about joining.

Helping at Community Xmas Party
Helping with Good Friday Appeal