Buxton Fire Brigade

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Buxton Fire Station

Buxton Fire Station is located at 2121 Maroondah Highway, Buxton near the intersection with Mareeba Avenue. The orginal fire station was erected by the brigade in 1963 directly on the old highway surface. It was replaced by CFA as a single-bay station in 1993 then extended, at brigade cost, firstly with a substantial meeting room then with toilets, kitchen and office.

In 2014, as part of the rural fire station program, the engine-bay was extended to enable larger (longer) appliances to be accommodated without adversely impacting on circulation space to the rear of the appliances.

As part of a successful grant application (under the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program) the brigade installed additional hanging space for member’s Personal Protective Clothing, replaced worn carpet, and installed a dedicated cleaning station of the brigade’s breathing apparatus.

Currently, as part of the 2020 VESEP scheme, the brigade is in the process of constructing a detached workshop to the rear of the main station building. The workshop will provide much needed storage space away from the engine-bay and turn-out area; this will greatly enhance safety in and around the station.

The brigade has an Open Door policy which means that the engine-bay door will be open whenever members are at the station. If you see the door up, you are most welcome to call in and have a chat. Subject to covid rules at present, we are happy to show people around the station and answer any questions you might have about the station or brigade.

Buxton Fire Shed ca.1980
Buxton Fire Station 1993
Station decorated for Christmas
Anzac Day Commemoration
Four phases of construction
VESEP Turnout Gear Rack
2014 Extension Works
Station prior to engine-bay works