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As part of our commitment to building a more resilient Community, the brigade has a number of members endorsed to provide advice on how to make your property safer in the event of a bushfire impacting the property.

This program, known as CFA’s Property Advice Visit Service (PAVS) responds to one of the recommendations from the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfire’s Royal Commission.

What is PAVS?

PAVS is a program that supports brigades to visit community members at their property; whether it is their home, place of business, or a recreational property. A PAVS session enables brigade members to draw upon their local knowledge, bushfire prevention training and CFA risk mapping data to provide advice to the owner or occupier on how they can better prepare the property should it be impacted by a bushfire.

Each session comprises a walk around the property with the participants to inspect existing conditions and then review them against a set of standard bushfire prevention considerations. This may also include discussing issues such as:

A PAVS session is not a one-way discussion. It helps the brigade to get to know the properties in our area which increases our knowledge of the community we protect - particularly with regards to water supplies and property access. It's also a chance for members of the public to become more familiar with the brigade and what we do and how to connect.

It is also an opportunity for the brigade to recruit new members.

Would you like to know more?

If your property is in or around the Buxton township or within the Triangle area, Buxton Fire Brigade is able to co-ordinate a visit for your property.

If your property is outside the Buxton response area, the request will be referred to CFA District 12 and co-ordinated with the relevant local brigade.